Which Side Are You On? The War Hero, Robert Mueller’s? Or the Pig, Donald Trump’s?

Whose side are you on: #Mueller‘s or the #Pig‘s? I’ve carefully read and outlined the 37-page indictment of the Russian Plot to overthrow America and want to bring a few things into focus for you, directly from the Pages of the Indictment:


1. “US law bars agents of any foreign entity from engaging in political activities;”


2. “The Russians were posing as US persons, creating US false personas, and using stolen identities of real US persons.”


3. Count #1 of the Indictment vs. the Russians: “Conspiracy to Defraud the US, together with others known and UNKNOWN (NB: Trump), to the Grand Jury, knowingly and intentionally consipred to defraud the US. (How long before the “unknown parties soon become known? Is that in Michael Flynn’s testimony?)


4. The Object of the Conspiracy was : “impairing, obstructing, & defeating the lawful government fuctions of the US by dishonest means.” Right up Trump’s back alley.


5. “Defendants & their co-conspirators (Russian Spies) traveled to the US under false pretenses…” They fraudulently secured travel visas through the US State Dept, to go to Nevada, CA, NY, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas & Georgia.


6. The Russians used dozens of stolen identities of real Americans: stolen SS#’s, stolen dates of birth, addresses, fake pay pal accounts & fake drivers licenses.


7. Five pages of the 37-page indictment deal with direct overt acts of violations of US Law; One Russian spy was caught bragging to her family members on email: ” We had a slight crisis here at work: the FBI busted our activity (not a joke). So, I got preoccupied with covering tracks together with the colleagues. I created all thse picture and posts and the Americans believed it was written by their people.” (Russia, if you’re listening…)


8. Count Two: Conspiracy to Commit Wire & Bank Fraud: (Read this carefully Trump, this one’s for you and your entire team in the coming indictments): “to knowingly having devised & intending to devise a scheme & artifice to DEFRAUD, and to OBTAIN MONEY AND PROPERTY by means of FRAUDULENT PRETENSE, REPRESENTATION & PROMISES, transmit and cause to be transmitted by means of wire communications in interstate & foreign commerce…for the purpose of executing such a scheme in violation of Title 18 US Code, Section 1342.


9. Fraudulently opening bank accounts at US Financial Institutions with stolen SS#’s, home addresses, birthdates;


10. Counts 3-8: Aggravated Identity Theft.


If #Trump thinks ANY of this exonerates him, he is more of a moron then we’ve given him credit for being.

Which side are you on: Robert Mueller’s, American Hero, who defended the US during War and cyberwar, or the Pig’s, who defends himself against allegations by Stormy Daniels by paying her hush money?


Russian Mobsters, Bankers & Putin Own Trump, AND Want to Kill the FBI

Forget “Fire & Fury.” Luke Harding’s book “COLLUSION: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win” lays out all the evidence of why Trump is terrified of—and financially beholden to—Russian mobsters, bankers & Vladimir Putin. WHY do you think he refused to implement the new sanctions law passed nearly unanimously by both houses of Congress? The Russians own Trump.


“Where’s My Roy Cohn?”


Where’s my Roy Cohn?


Disbarred, my child, disbarred…

For lying & cheating & stealing clients’ loot;

For never paying taxes, stuffing coke up his snoot.

Soul scarred, my child, so scarred.


Where’s my Roy Cohn?


Disgraced, my child, disgraced…

For framing Jews as Russian spies, for attacking people’s Race;

For trafficking with Mobsters,

For lying about gays…

Disgraced, my child, debased himself, in oh, so many ways.


“Where’s my Roy Cohn?” the flailing baby cried…


He’s gone, my child, erased himself…

Abandoned by leeches like you, while dying of AIDS,

His power unmade,

He died. And you did, too.


“Where’s my Roy Cohn?” the lost boy moans,


His mind stuck back in time 40 years;

No Cohn, or Stone, or Bannon or Flynn,

To impale others & usher you in.

The Reckoning nears—the sum of your fears,

And Ethel & Julius have shed all their tears.

Put Your Muscle Behind Your Support for the Rule of Law, Robert Mueller & the FBI.


OK, so here’s the deal, and I can’t believe that a kid who grew up distrusting J. Edgar Hoover is doing this.


I’ve purchased a bunch of these standard Tees & had them inscribed with the phrase: “I’m for the Law, & the FBI.” I know, I know, Grammar Nerds…there should NOT be a comma after “Law,” BUT I wanted to make it clear that the LAW is above all, including the FBI and the President.


With shipping, the shirts cost me about $10 each. For $20.18, I send you a shirt, and send the balance of your payment (less shipping costs to you) to the FBI Agents’ Association non-profit organizations, either the FBI Agents Association Member Assistance Fund, or the FBIAA’s Memorial College Fund. You can decide which one by going to their website at FBIAA.org.


Of course, you can make a donation directly to their fund, but you don’t get the shirt. I refuse to make money on this, and am doing this because NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE TO COME TO THE AID OF THE RULE OF LAW, & THE FBI.


It’s time for us law-abiding Americans to flex our muscles. If you want to, just send me a private message. Total cost to you: $20.18 to show your support for the Rule of Law & the FBI in 2018. All proceeds over & above costs & shipping go to FBIAA non-profits, which help the families of FBI agents killed or injured in the line of duty—protecting our lives.


Put your muscle behind the law & law enforcement in defense of our democracy.

The Unimaginable


(Artwork by Ezra Jack Keats)


I heard the first news reports about the massacre of 20 first graders–babies, really–at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, after I just walked out of court in Marin County, California.


I had just secured a restraining order from a judge to prevent a mentally deranged individual, who bragged he had a gun, from coming onto the campus of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) which I was running at the time. He had threatened several of my staff members, and starting ranting to the judge that the CIA was after him.


The judge asked me if I had anything further to add, and I rolled my eyes and said “No, your honor. I think my case has been made.” The Judge immediately granted the restraining order.


If only swift, stern legal action was taken against the deranged young man who slaughtered 20 innocent babies–26 people in total–that terrible December 14, 2012. Things have only gotten worse since then, with the election of a tool of the NRA as President, the greater proliferation of assault weapons which can assassinate hundreds in a mere few minutes, the passage of a piece of legislation in the  GOP controlled House of Representative which would allow mentally unstable gun owners to conceal the carrying of weapons in every state in the nation–despite any local gun laws–and, the perpetuation of the grotesque lie advanced by Alex Jones and other Fascist fanatics, that those murdered at Sandy Hook were paid actors.


Tell that to a parent who lost a beautiful baby 5-years ago.  I was with with my three granddaughters–ages 8, 6 and 2–on the 5th Anniversary of that horrible moment in all of our lives.   I’ve hugged them and kissed them even more than I usually do, imagining the unimaginable, and grateful for every blessed moment I have with them.  I only wish the same for every single parent and grandparent, aunt and uncle, who cherish life and the right of those already born to live it without violence or harm.


C-SPAN Tapes “Tightrope” Reading for Use on Upcoming “Book Talk” Series


(C-SPAN taped “Tightrope” author Steve Villano at the 50th Annual Italian American Studies Association Conference, in Washington, DC.)

Washington, DC – Heliotrope Author Steve Villano reached a new milestone this month for his memoir Tightrope, reading before an audience of academics and authors at the 50th Annual Italian American Studies Association Conference, a major ethnic studies conference. Villano’s presentation was filmed by C-SPAN at the conference on Friday, November 3, at the Omni Sheraton Hotel in Washington DC, for airing on their “Book Talk” Series at a later date.


Tightrope: Balancing A Life Between Mario Cuomo & My Brother, has been called “riveting”, “amazing”, and “a memoir that reads like a thriller.” It is the true story of two Italian-American brothers living dramatically different lives, with one working for former New York State Governor Mario M. Cuomo, and the other associated with John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family.


Ken Auletta, author of five national bestsellers, and he writer of The New Yorker’s “Annals of Communications ,” since 1992, offered this high praise for Tightrope:


“What an amazing book you’ve written. Mario Cuomo would have cheered. As impressive as your writing style, what blew me away was the honesty, your willingness to dig deep and share with readers your love and distain for the mob choice your brother made, your unabashed admiration for Mario Cuomo,and your inner turmoil throughout. To weave all this into a book, plus the stereotyping of Italian-Americans, is quite a feat. Congratulations!” — Ken Auletta


The Italian American Studies Association conference where Villano read from Tightrope is among the largest gatherings of Ethnic Studies and Italian American Studies professionals and academics held in the United States. This year’s conference–which drew representatives from some 50 U.S. colleges and Universities– was held in Washington, DC, November 2-4, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), with the theme: Faith, (Ir)reverence, and the Italian Diaspora: Fifty Years of Italian American Studies.


“I was deeply honored to have the opportunity to read from Tightrope to academics from Ethnic Studies programs across the country,” Villano said. “I will work hard to bring Tightrope into college and high school classrooms, since we need to make the next generation more aware of the pernicious effects of ethnic stereotyping and discrimination.”


(Excerpt from presentation to the 50TH ANNUAL ITALIAN AMERICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE in Washington, DC, November 3, 2017:)


Federal District Court, Uniondale, summer 1988. I sat shoulder-to-shoulder with my 22-year-old nephew, Michael Jr., struck by his resemblance to JFK, Jr., and also to my brother at the same age: jet black hair, large dark eyes, and a dazzling, kind smile. Michael and I listened to federal prosecutors lay out their case against his father and my brother.


Earlier that morning Governor Mario Cuomo had called me at home. After three years of working nearly round-the-clock with Cuomo at the Governor’s Two World Trade Center office—even sleeping over in my office during snowstorms—I was now his “man” at the Long Island Power Authority, laboring long hours to shut down the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant for health and safety reasons.


“You do good work, Steve,” the Governor said. “You have great, great ability and a great future. It’s a pleasure working with you.”


“You have a pretty good future yourself, governor,” I said.


“Oh, no. I have no future, Steve,” Cuomo joked. “But you,” he said in a serious, almost fatherly tone, “you have a wonderful future.”


Ninety minutes later, that bright future collided with my brother’s present. I was sitting in a federal courtroom, hearing government prosecutors ask an FBI agent if it was true that my brother was a bagman for John Gotti, collecting money from union officials to “buy labor peace.” Gotti and Villano: both names spoken in the same sentence by a federal law enforcement officials. My brother linked to Gotti; I linked to Cuomo. These were only allegations, I kept telling myself. My brother was not guilty of anything; he could not be; he was my mother’s son.


Mario Cuomo detested the “bums” in organized crime as much as I did. He was incensed by the mob innuendos about him or anyone in his family. Even the expectation that he had to answer any questions about it outraged him, since he believed that his whole life “has been a statement against that crap.”


What if my family name became “the issue?” Would he keep me on staff? Would I have the courage to leave the public service work I loved? I felt naked; nothing left to protect me: not my carefully calibrated career, not my conservative clothing, not my law degree. Nothing. That was my brother up there. We shared the same blood, the same last name. For years, we shared the same bedroom, with different dreams, at the top of the stairs in my parents’ house: Michael, my brother Vinnie and me; our lives intertwined.


I looked around Judge Mishler’s courtroom, and winced as I heard our name echo around the room, bouncing off a bench, a chair, the judge’s desk. If only I had a sponge, I would scrub the walls, the seats, and make our name vanish from every surface it touched. I wanted everything to disappear, but could not keep myself away from the courtroom. I had to find out what I suspected, but denied for years.



Tightrope: Balancing a Life Between Mario Cuomo and My Brother by Steve Villano

978-1-942762-42-3 trade paperback; 268 pages; $16.50 • 978-1-942762-41-6 eBook

June 2017, Heliotrope Books, LLC • heliotropebooks.com

Or, order directly via my website at www.socialvisionproductions.com.