What we do

WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT: Creativity, Clarity & Constructive Change.

We look at things and thoughts clearly.

Our blog “Radical Correspondence” reflects our vision. It’s title is carefully selected from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on “Nature,” where he writes of language and the “Radical Correspondence between visible things and human thoughts.”

Emerson expressed it eloquently: “A man’s power to connect his thought with its proper symbol, and so to utter it, depends on the simplicity of his character, that is, upon his love of truth and his desire to communicate it without loss.”

We strive to do that in all our writing, and all that we communicate; in our recommendations for humane actions of individuals and leaders, and our advice for advancing organizational and social impacts, positively, with a focus on the future and building a better world.

Social Vision Productions selects partners to work with who want to make the world a more livable place.  We’ve guided strategic efforts in pro-social organizations like Cable Positive–the HIV/AIDS education and awareness organization of the Cable Television industry, Sherry Lansing’s Encorps Teachers Program, and the Institute of Noetic Science (www.noetic.org). We’ve advised the oldest Filipino Theatre Group in the US, Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco, worked on a Robin Williams retrospective with the Cameo Cinema of St.Helena, and produced specific projects with, STAND (Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes), and the Banyan Tree Project of the Asian/Pacific Islander Wellness Center. We’ve also developed powerful educational and informative documentaries for Showtime Networks, Sundance, and the Discovery Education Network, and dozens of public service/public health announcements distributed across multiple communications platforms around the world.

We’ve crafted speeches, articles, blogs, presentations and organizational histories and strategic plans for government, non-profit, health care, corporate and media leaders, and have published the world’s first digital interactive book of Haiku (www.wehaiku.net). At the foundation of all of our labors of love, is the desire to find the “truth, and communicate it without loss.”

Steve Villano has written the first “Living” e-book of Haiku ever published! Check it out.
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