Hakeem’s Dream: The ABC’s of Democracy.

HAKEEM’S DREAM:  The ABC’s of Democracy.

(Following 15 ballots to elect a new Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democratic Leader of the House, Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn, N.Y.) delivered a powerful speech defending democratic ideals, before handing over the Speaker’s gavel to Kevin McCarthy, from California.  In his speech, Jeffries poetically pinpointed his “ABC’s of Democracy,” which captured the attention and admiration of millions of social media users for days.   I am proud to turn my blog over to my fellow Brooklynite, Hakeem Jefferies, to help share his inspiring “ABC’s of Democracy,” with as many people as possible.  This should be a rallying cry for Democrats and all decent human beings for the next two years, until Hakeem Jeffries is elected to be the first Black Speaker of the House of Representatives in American history, after Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in 2024.)

“… We do extend our hand of partnership to you and want to make clear that we extend and intend to try to find common ground whenever and wherever possible on behalf of the American people. Not as Democrats, not as Republicans, not as independents but as Americans. 

But I also want to make clear that we will never compromise our principles.

House Democrats will always put American values over autocracy. Benevolence over bigotry. The constitution over the cult. Democracy over demagogues.

Economic opportunity over extremism. Freedom over fascism. Governing over gaslighting. Hopefulness over hatred. Inclusion over isolation. Justice over judicial overreach. Knowledge over kangaroo courts. Liberty over limitation. Maturity over Mar-a-Lago. Normalcy over negativity. Opportunity over obstruction. People over politics.

Quality of life issues over Q Anon. Reason over racism. Substance over slander. Triumph over tyranny. Understanding over ugliness. Voting rights over voter suppression. Working families over the well-connected. Xenial over xenophobia. “Yes We Can” over “You Can’t Do It.” And zealous Representation over zero-sum confrontation. 

We will always do the right thing by the American people. So let us not grow weary of doing good. For the American people will reap the benefit of the harvest if we do not give up.”


by House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, January 7, 2023

American Values over Autocracy;

Benevolence over Bigotry;

Constitution over the Cult;

Democracy over Demogogues;

Economic Opportunity over Extremism;

Freedom over Fascism;

Governing over Gaslighting;

Hopefulness over Hatred;

Inclusion over Isolation;

Justice over Judicial Overreach;

Knowledge over Kangaroo Courts;

Liberty over Limitations;

Maturity over Mar-A-Lago;

Normalcy over Negativity;

Opportunity over Obstruction;

People over Politics;

Quality of Life Issues over QAnon;

Reason over Racism;

Substance over Slander;

Triumph over Tyranny;

Understanding over Ugliness;

Voting Rights over Voter Suppression;

Working Families over the Well-Connected;

Xenial over Xenophobia;

“Yes We Can” over “You Can’t Do it;”

Zealous Representation over Zero-sum confrontation.

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