On Any Given Day.

On Any Given Day, 

I walk past my granddaughters’ schools.

One school, a few blocks from my home.

The other two, a little over a mile away,

On Any Given Day.

I walk past their schools to soothe myself,

That they are safe, and learning, 

Or joyfully at play.

On Any Given Day.

I smile at the windows, 

Decorated with shamrocks or hearts, 

Or flowers, always flowers, and signs of life,

On Any Given Day.

Some days I pick the Kindergartner up,

Outside her school’s locked gate.

She’s safe, she’s safe, I tell myself,

On Any Given Day.

Some days I watch the 10-year old,

Saunter out of school.

Backpack perched upon her back,

Looking very cool.

On Any Given Day.

Some days my love in Junior High,

Will let me pick her up.

As long as I don’t park too close, 

Or embarrass her too much.

On Any Given Day.

On any Given Day

I worry that the classroom windows 

Which face the street,

Don’t get blown away;

By bullets ripping through the glass,

On Any Given Day.

The thought to get a gun

Has crossed my mind again;

To circle each school more than once,

To protect them and their friends.

On Any Given Day.

Be reasonable, I tell myself,

NO Guns is what we need, not more.

To stop them from being made, 

Or sold anywhere, anymore .

On Any Given Day.

In Sandy Hook, and Texas,

Reason has not worked.

39 babies ripped apart,

Our lives have gone beserk.

On Any Given Day.

Don’t tell me owning guns, 

Beats babies in this nation.

With life at stake every single day,

I want Gun Confiscation,

Without accommodation.

On Any Given Day,

I walk past my grandaughters’ schools,

And know that, to keep them safe,

I will break ANY rules,

On Any Given Day.

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