I Am A Liz Cheney Democrat.

(Demogorgons for Democracy, copyright Stranger Things/Netflix)

I am a Liz Cheney Democrat.

I eat cowards for breakfast, 

And liars for lunch.

Traitors and terrorists, my brunch.

I am a Liz Cheney Democrat.

With a will of steel, 

And a backbone to match.

To me, Kevin McCarthy is a light snack


I am a Liz Cheney Democrat.

Democracy, integrity drive me.

Sedition, it’s my position,

Is a Capitol crime, you miserable slime.

On guns & human rights,

Social justice & income fights,

Climate change & women’s choice,

I bite like Cheney, but AOC’s my voice.

On defense of our nation, I am tenacious;

My appetite for battling bullies, voracious.

I am a Liz Cheney Democrat, with AOC’s heart; 

So, if you want to be finished—I dare you to start.

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