I Have A Crush On Jen Psaki.

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

I have a crush on Jen Psaki.

I know, I know. At my age, it’s tacky.

But, I do have a crush on Jen Psaki.

No, it’s not her soft, red hair,

Nor her Jennifer Chastain style.

I love how smart and poised she is —

And that sweet, disarming smile.

I have a crush on Jen Psaki —

Call it professional admiration.

She’s the opposite of lying political lackeys,

Like Spicer, Sarah Hucksterbee, & Kayleigh Damnation.

She learned from Tom Harkin, Obama & Kerry,

Speaking, writing, staying calm and quite merry.

I once did the same work for Mario Cuomo,

But, my somber demeanor better suited Milan’s Duomo.

So, I have a crush on Jen Psaki,

And happy she’s not related to George Pataki.

She’s bright and honest, prepared and cool —

And doesn’t lose her temper with Fox’s fools.

Yes, I have a crush on Jen Psaki,

And Press Briefings as satisfying as Greek Souvlaki!

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