KAMALA! A Celebration of Life!

Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic VP Nominee on Biden/Harris 2020 Ticket.

A law was passed 100 years ago, dear —

All women now could vote how ‘ere they saw.

No more a limit on how far they’d go here —

It’s Kamala! Kamala!

Kamala! Kamala!

She loves to hear the liars fall…

…hear the liars fall.

Kamala! Kamala!

Knocked Big Bill Barr off his wall…

…Big Bill Barr off his wall.

She’s Black and Indian and even Jewish,

Charismatic as well as so damn smart.

Makes Trump and Pence appear so very shrewish —

It’s Kamala! Kamala!

Kamala! Kamala!

I love to see her make slime squirm…

… see her make slime squirm!

Kamala! Kamala!

Turned Kavanaugh to worm…

…Kavanaugh to worm!

The winner may be hidden ’til December;

The loser exits swiftly, like it or not.

Trump’s lies and cheats and crimes will be dismembered —

By Kamala! Kamala!

Kamala! Kamala!

I love the team of her and Joe…

…team of her and Joe!

Kamala! Kamala!

It’s time for Trump to go…

…Time for Trump to go!

His hate-filled flailing, wailing, has now ended.

Trump’s scheme to steal the mail was one last fail.

Now jail awaits with criminals he friended —

It’s Kharma time! Kharma time!

Kamala! Kamala!

I love the patter of her name…

…the patter of her name!

To Kamala! Kamala!

Lives matter all the same…

…matter all the same!

Humanity will once again be sacred,

Love & science rule in every spot.

In short, we all will know —

To Kamala & Joe,

Our Dignity and Lives…

All Matter quite-a-lot.


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