Black Man, Black Man, Dead Man, Jew.

A tribute to Black Lives Matter in the shared front yard of a Church & Synagogue.

( I am a 71-year old White, Italian American man, and I am a Jew. I am also a Black man, and the father of all children being beaten, killed or incarcerated because of the color of their skin, or their faith. We are all part of the human family; they are all my children. They are my flesh and blood, and my soul. I dedicated this poem to them, and to all of us.)

Black man, Black man

Dead man, Jew —

Look at what

They’ve done to you.

Chains and ropes,

Gas and slaughter —

To your sons,

To your daughters.

Black man, Black man

Dead man, Jew —

Marched toward graves


Skin and Faith,

Fear and Lies,

Murder, torture

Puff killers size.

Bullets in spines,

Knees on throats —

Laws deny you

Life and votes.

Black man, Black man

Dead man, Jew —

Nuremberg & Jim Crow

Trap you, crush you


Black man, Black man

Dead Man, Jew —

How do you take it?

When’s justice due?

Why do you pray?

Why do you stay?

Didn’t Warsaw

Point the way?

Beat you, kill you,

Still, you rise.

What do you see,

That escapes dead eyes?

Black man, Black man,

Dead man, Jew —

Hope, inspires

Life to you.

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