Joey No-Socks, Donnie No-Shame



Joey No-Socks, and

Donnie No-Shame, went on stage

To run a con game.



No-Shame would shout, and

No-Socks would cheer, arms waving,

A grin, ear-to-ear.



While each did his part

Joey’s pals stole the art, with

No-Shame distracted by some little tart.



No-Socks left no prints;

No-Shame won no hearts;

But both made a fortune by

Being so smart. SO SMART!



They claimed no loot,

No taxes they paid—

No-Socks slipped out,

No-Shame, a Don made.



So Joey No-Socks

And Donnie No-Shame, ended

Their lucrative con-of-a-game.



Swift Joey No-Socks—

No sign of his feet.

And Donnie No-Shame?

Just follow his tweets…

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