We Are All Jedis, Now.




We are all Jedis, now.

Darkness descending, so fast,

Erasing the past.


Hate, Lies, Bigotry

Spreading plaque-like, killing vows;

We are all Jedis, now.


Death and dying near,

Princess Leia no more here—

We are all Jedis, now.


Ali, Ali, where are thee?

Floating, and stinging like bees.

We are all Jedis, now.



Leonard Cohen, you too-ya?

We’re all Jedis, now.


Easy, so easy

To turn out the lights, give in

To the coming night.


But we are alive,

With breath, mind and beating heart—

Each day, a new start


To love, live, create;

Never surrender our light,

Our hope, souls, our fight.


We are all Jedis, now.

Fearless with our strength and skills,

Hearts on fire, refusing to bow….

We are ALL Jedis, NOW.



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