Use Your New Powers, Joe…Or, Get Out of the Way.

Last night I had the strangest dream,

I never had before.

I dreamed I was a Democrat,

And, took up the tools of war.

I dreamed we had a President,

Unafraid to stretch the law,

Who, using his new Immunities,

Pushed his powers with Impunity.

I dreamed he finally understood,

The Blood Lust of this sport,

And used the Insurrection Act,

Against the US Supreme Court.

I dreamed he told the IRS

To investigate Thomas’ trips,

And directed the FBI & DOJ,

To lacerate Trump’s lyin’ lips.

I dreamed he was fearless,

In rounding up Democracy’s foes,

And put together Arya’s List,

To test how far he’d go.

I dreamed that boldness filled his eyes,

To where they’re clearly glistening;

Absorbing every lesson to learn,

From “Godfather 1’s” fair Christening.

I dreamed he took “Project 2025,”

A Hitleresque list of enemy actions;

And sent in Federal Marshalls,

To sweep up the Fascist factions.

Arrest DeJoy, Seize the PO,

And issue wanted posters;

Immune! Immune! Immune! Immune!

Now, round-up Democracy’s ghosters.

Trump, The Alitos, Clarence & Ginny,

Bannon, Miller and Leonard Leo;

Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, MTG,

And, Harlan “The Nazi Collector” Crow.

Everything’s an “Official” Act,

When it comes to protecting the nation;

Now, Use the Force, you’ve been given, Joe,

Before the Freedom Train’s left the station…

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