Dishonesty, Fraud, Lies & Deceit.

Dishonesty, Fraud, Lies & Deceit,

Every element of Trump’s incessant drumbeat.

A lifetime of crime in 45 pages,

His lips keep lying, his mouth still rages.

Impair, Obstruct, Subvert and Corrupt,

Jack Smith’s case is short, sweet and abrupt.

Fraud, Obstruction, Sham & Violence,

Not even Mike Pence is keeping his silence.

False claims, made-up tales of voter corruption,

Follow the facts, the Jury’s instruction.

Mistrust, anger, death threats and more,

All flowing from the mouth of the boor.

“Conspiracy Shit Beamed Down from Mother Ship,”

Combine, Conspire, Confederate –Don’t Flip!

Threaten prosecution, insinuate and bully—

Use dishonesty, fraud and deceit, more fully!

Lies upon lies, loss upon loss;

You’re too honest Mike–do it for the boss!

Lies fly so fast, and frauds so abundant,

Indictments and arrests are becoming redundant.

Even Moaning Ronna gets into the act,

Approving Trump’s frauds, with her GOP PACs.

Conspire against the Right to Vote?  It’s right up their alley!

Quick, let’s schedule another MAGA rally!

Dishonesty, Fraud, Lies & Deceit,

Cannot erase defeat after defeat after defeat.

“Just find me 11, 780 VOATES—“

Were the criminal’s words, escaping his throat.

“Fraud breaks up everything,”

Trump tells his mules.

“Catch someone in a fraud,

You can play by different rules.”

Combine, Conspire, Confederate and Cheat,

ANYTHING  to erase the stench of defeat.

Now, he’s CAUGHT; people jumping from his boat,

And Trump needs much more than 11, 780 VOATES.

Dishonesty, Fraud, Lies and Deceit;

Thrice indicted, twice impeached.

Six times a bankrupt, always a cheat.

Blubbering ego, finally beached.

Combining, Conspiring to cripple the laws,

Power slipping from his tiny little paws.

Dishonesty, Fraud, Lies and Deceit,

Thus ends Trump, the definition of defeat.

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