Senator Rick Voldescott Emerges From the Swamp.

(The similarities are striking and frightening between Voldemort, Lex Luthor, & Floridas Senator Rick Scott.)

Think of the vilest villains

Who have disfigured the faces

Of nightmarish graphic novels, movie screens,

Or other such rot.  Than, think of Rick Scott.

If Lex Luthor & Voldemort

Mixed their twisted sperm into a test-tube,

And steamed it in a fetid swamp for

Many months or years, or what,

The end result would be…Rick Scott.

His glowing orb, fresh from the Dark Lagoon,

Sucked life from ailing humans far too soon,

Hissing his seductive tune of health care savings each day,

Killing them harshly, through Columbia HCA.

A mere warm-up for the spawn of Voldemort & Lex,

His deprivation of care, sheer insanity.

How easily Scott shilled the slimy hex,

Manipulating it, Mengele-like, against humanity.

Crazed Eyes ablaze with dollar signs,

Gleefully pulling the plug on yours and mine.

 Then, foraging for more to defraud, or scare,

Scott’s ghoulish-gaze grabbed Medicare.

With Frankensteinian flare,

He raped and pillaged taxpayers bare.

His scandalous fraud hit the multi-billion $$ scale,

So Scott “Fifthed” away the truth 75 times, cheating jail.

The cretinous creation of Voldemort & Lex,

Dripping with dirty wealth, limped close to political death.

His continued existence could not look horrider—

So, of course, he became Governor, then Senator, of Florida.

If Medicare was ripe to raid,

The State of Florida was tailor-made

For the soul-less son of Slytherin.

Pots of Gold to gorge on, from ESCAMbia to Dade.

Slithering into the Everglades,

Disappearing into the Upside Down—

Ferretting away tax money he filched

From Florida’s workers, cities and towns.

The Sunshine State was blinded

By the reflection from his pate,

By his attack on the words “Climate Change,”

And other objects of Scott’s scornful hate.

From The Villages to South Beach,

They dozed while Scott’s wealth tripled.

His hurricanes of self-dealing, his Naples mansion,

Causing barely a political ripple.

With blistering Daytona-like speed,

Few could keep pace with Scott’s lying and greed.

He force-fed the State a pipeline, in which his family invested,

And, directed State Workers to his company to get mandatory drug tested.

He rejected Fed. billions for FLA. for a high-speed train,

So he and his wife could, invest privately, get All Aboard and capital gain.

No-bid Scott, loved controlling State contracts,

Enriching himself and his contacts, who bankrolled his campaigns.

From I-95, through the marshes of sawgrass,

Drivers though Florida pay for travel with SUNPASS.

So, of course, Scott personally profits from every cent,

Through his “No-bid” company which owns SUNPASS, named Conduent.

While Florida floods, and its citizens drown,

 Scott, “not-a-scientist” gives climate change two-thumbs down;

Yet, pockets ALL the other change that he can find around.

Making money off of misery; such evil is unbound.


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