Night Terrors Without End.

Uvalde Schools Police Chief Peter Arredondo (far left, holding cellphone), tries to negotiate with the Mass Murderer of 19 children just down the hall from him, while the killer is still slaughtering children with an Assault Weapon. Other heavily armed Police Officers — among an astounding 376 on the scene — stand down the school hallway, while hearing shots being fired in two classrooms. The clip is part of a Police Body Cam video hidden from the public for more than a month by the City of Uvalde, and the State of Texas.

Please tell me that I did not see this —
An armed manchild walking through a school,
Clutching, waving a weapon of war;
Young boy, exits bathroom, spots him; runs.
Where? How can he ever outrun what he saw?
Tell me that I did not see this.

Please tell me that I did not hear this —
Sounds of gunfire echoing through a hall,
Where 10-year olds usually laugh,
Police in armor standing, waiting up against a wall,
While more shots ring out, in place of joyful shouts.
Tell me I did not hear this.

Please tell me I imagined what I watched —
That I didn’t really see a Police Chief negotiating on a cellphone,
With the mass murderer while he was still killing kids —
While the killer was still killing children.
Or, that 376 trained police, carrying guns and shields, stood by,
Listening to the sounds of death coming from two classrooms.
Tell me I imagined what I watched.

Please tell me this is a nightmare, a night terror —
Grandchildren like mine, torn to shreds, bullet-raped,
Trusting us to keep them safe,
To put thoughts of love, beauty and wonder in their heads;
Instead, some stay alive by masking in the blood of friends, now dead.
Night terrors without end;
Never will I sleep in peace again.

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