2020 Super Bowl Champion: Nancy Pelosi Has Hammered the GOP


Whether or not her beloved San Francisco 49ers’ win the 2020 Super Bowl, Nancy Pelosi has already proven herself to be the political Super Bowl Champion of the year. She won the championship this time by running such a sophisticated play against the mysogynist Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP that they still can’t figure out what hit them, and probably won’t until they get hammered at the polls in November.

The first female Speaker of the House of Representatives in American History has, time and time again, demonstrated not only her strategic savvy and tenacity, but her intuitive genius of grabbing powerful men by their egos, and shoving it down their throats.

Pelosi has masterfully performed her magic on both the House Impeachment-for-Life of Donald Trump, and the Senate’s self-immolating vote to shut out witnesses and documents from the Senate Trial, which, as Nancy knew it would, became a nationally-televised, continuing cover-up of the crimes of the Trump Criminal Enterprise, with Mitch McConnell and his water boys of the GOP Senate showing that they were all in the loop.

Nothing else could have, on a play-by-play basis, exposed the utter corruption and complicity of McConnell and his mendacious members in the GOP as completely in cahoots with the most corrupt and lawless President in US History, than the fight over a fair trial, which, as Pelosi predicted, the rich old, White men’s Cover-Up Club running the Senate, would resist with all it’s deviousness.

Her masterstroke was withholding the Articles of Impeachment until educated the public about the need for “impartial justice” and a fair trial with witnesses and documents in the Senate. Nancy knew that by goading the gout-looking McConnell over how all Americans deserved a fair trial in the Senate, the teetering terrapin would puff up his multi-layered neck with too much air to try to scare her away, and never agree do what she was requesting. With one Phineas T. Bluster-like bellowing of “she can’t tell us how to run our house,” McConnell and the overmatched, quivering co-conspirators he led, were trapped by their own bellicosity.

Of course they whined for weeks about how Pelosi’s power play of holding up the Articles of Impeachment would ricochet back to hurt her, without realizing that their own words — especially Lamar Alexander’s — would be used to hammer them. They were strong, smug shrewd Reptiles of Raw Power, who would never waffle on witnesses or vote for a fair trial because that woman from next door told them to do it, and they could do whatever they damn well wanted.

“Harrummph,” McConnell indignantly harrumped, expanding the girth of his Galapagos-sized goiter. That uppity female would never tell them what do to — even if it meant their own extinction!

So, on the Friday before Super Bowl weekend, McConnell led his troop of Trump-terrified turtles, off of their slippery rocks where they were basking in kleiglights, down deep into the murky waters of the Senate swamp, until they disappeared from sight. They covered themselves so completely with mud, money and corruption, that no witnesses nor documents could ever find them, and they would be protected from tomorrow’s twitter tantrums of the Trump Child.

It’s why Cory Gardner of Colorado, being pounded by John Hickenlooper in early polls, caved in quickly. He knew we was going down, and was betting everything on the Impeached-for-Life-Trump winning re-election and giving him some sycophant’s job. Martha McSally of Arizona, who lost one Senate election two-years ago, was preparing to lose another, this time to the natural Democratic heir to John McCain, former Astronaut Mark Kelly. She, too, would need a new job next January, only now, the GOP Governor of Arizona couldn’t hand her a Senate seat.

In eight other states, from Maine to Texas, Iowa to North Carolina, Georgia to Montana and even McConnell’s own Kentucky and Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina, an outstanding crop of strong Democratic candidates — which includes four Veterans, an Astronaut and at least 6 women — are within striking distance of winning. Only three Senate seats need to be flipped to create a 50–50 tie, which a newly-elected Democratic Vice-President can break, sending Moscow Mitch to political Siberia.

The prescient Pelosi knew that the terrified terrapins couldn’t hide from their constituents forever, especially when some 75 % of the people who give them their air to breathe, were demanding a fair trial in the best American tradition, with first-hand witnesses called to testify to crimes committed right in front of their eyes. The slimy, mud-covered GOP Senators chose a cover-up over the call for fairness from their fellow citizens, refusing to believe that when their dark swamp gets drained in November, they’ll be naked before the world, hands cuffed together in the criminal loop they formed.

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