Suppose They Were Jews…


Suppose they were Jews,

The babies torn from their mothers arms

At the border’s edge, never to

Embrace each other again.


Suppose they were white

And pink-cheeked Jewish boys and girls

Stuffed by the dozen into bland, white

Vans in the Texas sun.


Suppose the cages ,

Meant for dogs were filled with Jews,

Not immigrants with dark skin,

Speaking in strange tongues.


Suppose the children with dark skin

Were packed in boats,

Two-by-two-by-two thousand,

And shipped out to sea, destinations unknown.


Suppose those humans,

Shunned as outcasts

Sought to land, to live

Someplace safe, and were denied.


Suppose their ships or vans

Or caravans of terrified faces

Were forced back to the homes they fled

With only their lives.


Suppose the places they fled

Grabbed them, and locked them up in cages,

Starving, beating and killing them,

Mother and child, separated forever.


Suppose they were Jews…

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