Deranged Dotard Donald Descends Deeper into Delusional Madness


Every fall, which corresponds with Rosh Hashanah, we Jews take an assessment of our lives and of the world around us. We ask ourselves “Who Will Live? Who Will Die?” and what will be the manner of our death.


This September, 2017, it’s appropriate to pause and assess the erratic and dangerous behavior of the individual in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal in world history, and how it effects the lives of billions of human beings.


In the past week, as Robert Mueller has aggressively stepped up his investigation vs. The Garbage Pail-in Chief and his Garbage Flies (aka, Manafort, Flynn, Donald Trump, Jr., et al), the Deranged Dotard Donald has further provoked his fellow lunatic leading North Korea as “Rocketman.”


He has threatened Nuclear annihilation of a member nation of the UN from the podium of the General Assembly — a first in the 70 year history of the United Nations.


He has again trashed a true American Patriot, John McCain, who actually fought in a US War, rather than imagining that he did by going to military school and dressing in a prep-school uniform.


He has called an NFL player quietly exercising his Constitutionally protected Right to Free Expression a “Son-of-a-bitch,” and has dis-invited the World Champion Golden State Warriors to the White House, despite the fact that the great Steph Curry and his teammates said they want no part of the flaming racist who thinks WHITE HOUSE should be taken to mean “WHITE SUPREMACISTS” House.


So a few facts to place things in perspective:

1. As the legal & investigative straight-jacket tightens around him, Deranged Dotard Donald is flailing out at everyone, despite the fact that he controls more nuclear missiles than anyone in the history of the earth;


2. Deranged Dotard Donald has defended the Confederate Flag and its monuments to racism which are direct insults to the American Flag, and to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought for freedom against facism and murderous fanaticism over the centuries, and to tens of millions of Black Americans to whom the Confederate Flag symbolized hatred, slavery and death.


3. Deranged Dotard Donald has no problem defending the “SEIG HEIL” salute or the Swastika — direct insults to my father, my wife’s uncle and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought or died battling the Nazi’s and Anti-Semites in World War II. Trump’s defense of the Nazis and Anti-Semites of today is a knee to the groin of all Veterans of foreign wars, of all Jews and to the memories of the millions annihilated by hate.


4. Deranged Dotard Donald has never gotten over his rejection by NFL owners to become one of them, and purchase an NFL team. Trump’s rejection lead him to run to the failed USFL, another expensive & flamboyant TRUMP Failure, which of course, he still blames on the NFL owners.


5. The TRUMPS have always acted out their hatred of Black people. The father, Fred Trump, was arrested at an anti-Black, anti-Jew, anti-Italian, anti-Immigrant KKK Rally in Queens, NY, 90 Years ago. Both Fred & Donald were nailed by the Federal Government for discriminating against Blacks in their housing complexes — built with Federal funds. Deranged Dotard Donald hates Mexicans (including Mexican Judges), and he especially cannot stomach Black people with more money than he actually has, like Barack Obama, Steph Curry, Stevie Wonder and LeBron James.


Some food for thought as we start the Jewish New Year and take stock of our lives.

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