Celebrating Poetry Month, with “We, Haiku.”

In honor of National Poetry Month (April) and National Haiku Poetry Day (April 17) , Amazon.com is still offering our awarding winning digital, interactive Haiku Poetry book, “We, Haiku,” for the special price of $4.49! Not only can you enter your own Haiku into the book, but you can read original Haiku Poetry by Steve Villano, and see the beautiful, original line-drawings of Alysha Lang throughout the 40 page book.

Here are a few samples of the Haiku you’ll find:

Time stops, when with them.

Nothing else matters. Even the

Hummingbirds stop by.


I am my own strife.

Resistance to me, is me.

I am my own life.


If everybody

Were my child, my love their shield,

Then, mourning would end.


The Demon Beggar

Of Drumm Street. Gone. Death by cold.

One story; not told.


I think in Haiku.

Awakened at night, I write.

Hai-jacked, I am.

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