The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, Its’ Frightening Aftermath, and the Hard Proof that Mario Cuomo and Nora Bredes Were Correct.

On the 30th Anniversary of the civilian nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, located just 70 miles north of Kiev, Ukraine, the New York Times has published the most astonishing story to appear about the catastrophe over three decades.  The story is mind- boggling in it’s breadth, depth and scope and terrifying in its implications.  I only wish that Mario Cuomo and Nora Bredes, both of whom I had the honor of working with to shut down the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant 60 miles east of New York City, were alive to read this story today, to see how prescient they were.

Please read the story linked to below entitled: “Chernobyl: Capping a Catastrophe,” by the New York Times’ Henry Fountain.

Source of photo: What is Chernobyl?

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