I’m Spartacus!



On the 100th Birthday of Kirk Douglas (December 9, 2016)—one month after the election of the most anti-democratic, anti-human rights government in American history—it’s time for ALL of us to step up and become as courageous as “Spartacus!”


NOW is the time for all of us to declare, “I’m Spartacus” and stand up for each other, when anyone of us is threatened: Muslims, Jews, Christians, LBGT, Immigrants, the disabled, union leaders, political activists, and socially responsible corporate leaders. Threats or actions against any one of us, are a threat to all, and a danger to individual liberties and human rights.


The 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas, a Jewish actor born of poor immigrant parents in upstate New York, who played Spartacus in the film written by the politically blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo, is the perfect date to launch a nationwide movement to protect and fight for each other’s individual liberties. That’s what the “I’m Spartacus” movement is all about.


We’ve spoken with Americans of good will from Churches, Synagogues and Mosques across the nation about each of us standing up for each other, as Spartacus’ fellow soldiers did when his life and liberty were threatened.


I’ll have more details about the “I’m Spartacus” call to action all across social media as we move forward in the coming weeks. For now, know that the inspiration comes from each other, from Muslims, Jews, Christians, union activists and members of the LGBT community who have been targeted by hate groups—on-line, and in our communities. Our inspiration comes from political outcasts, like Trumbo, and religious/ethnic outcasts, like Kirk Douglas: examples of courage during times of violence and oppression.


Now, it’s OUR time to stand up for each other, fearlessly, and declare “I’m Spartacus!” It’s time for us to stand strong whenever anyone of goodwill, just wanting a peaceful and safe life for themselves and their families, is threatened or bullied.


“I’m Spartacus!” Stand up with each other and FOR each other, and fight the forces of hate, lawlessness, and darkness. If you’d like to take part in our “I’m Spartacus” movement, let us know by hitting the “like” button under this posting, or by sending a message of support to which ever social media or communications site where you see “I’m Spartacus” standing tall. We’ll have more information and more avenues of involvement becoming available over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


I’m Spartacus! And, so are you.



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