Feed Trump to the Media at His Own Game…


(Artwork by Keith Haring)


I’ve been spending too much time retailing this advice to family, friends and colleagues, so as a public service–as well as a favor to myself–I’m summarizing it here:

1. Stop Mourning about Trump–ORGANIZE!

2. Get off social media and go out and register 5 new voters (preferably people of color) each week for the next 20 weeks;

3. STOP fixating on Bernie Sanders; until Hillary seals the deal, only one thing is certain: Trump and his brand of racism, fascism, fraud and pathological lying is the enemy. Aim all your energy, time, talent and social media space at exposing his lies,  his history of hate mongering and his record of fraud committed upon working people. (e.g.. Trump University, his years of hiking prices to cover the cost of the construction industry’s “mob-tax” he willingly paid, and the Trump Organization’s long history of discrimination against people of color in its housing.)  Add to that his lack of substance on virtually every single public policy issue of our time and you’ve got Sweet Tweets for a lifetime.

 4. Stop Raging Against the Trump Media Machine: Just Feed It to Itself— Urge you State’s Attorney General, the United States AG, the IRS, and local DA’s with appropriate jurisdiction to launch investigations into Trump’s taxes, businesses, and past dealings with the Mob. Use his tabloid life against him. When he met with Genovese Crime Family Boss “Fat Tony” Salerno in Roy Cohn’s apartment did they just shoot the breeze? Did they discuss fixing cement prices? Does his announcement of “The Best Sex He Ever Had With Marla Maples,” still apply? Should we insist on seeing the birth certificates of any illegitimate children he may have fathered with other women?  Feed Social Media every single fact, quote, interview, tabloid headline and rumor that has appeared or been whispered about Trump over the past 40 years.  It’s what he does about others. It’s time to feed him to the media at his own game.

5. Finally, for my NYC brethren, pressure any of your five Borough District Attorneys to convene a Grand Jury and indict this Ham Sandwich for fraud, especially regarding Trump University. The thought of Trump under Oath–a perjurer’s perjurer–gives me goosebumps. Not even his buddy Roy Cohn could save Trump from himself, when his lies have legal consequences, instead of just as tools he uses to boost his ratings and earnings.

In short, now that the media reaped ratings riches by building Trump up (this one’s for you, Les Moonves, Mark Burnett & RogerAiles),it’s time to show  the media money machine that demolishing Trump’s Tower of Egomania & Narcissism will yield gobs and gobs of Gold, while serving the Public Good.


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