Eva, Eva Conway Braun




Eva, Eva, Conway Braun,

Sitting on the White House lawn.

Smiling like a bulb so bright–

God, her face is such a fright.


Mercenary Mercer’s girl

Shills for vilest of them all.

Akins’ rapin’ was legit;

Carson, Newt & Cruz: such shit.


Eva Conway, Eva Braun,

Mendacious men know she’s their pawn.

Mercer’s money, Bannon’s bile

Lure her to the basest pile.


When the Fuhrer waves his hair,

Eva Conway Braun is there…

When his tiny lips spit lies,

Eva stamps them with her eyes.


Eva, Eva, Conway Braun,

Naked on the White House lawn.

Stripped of every shred of self,

Cyanide pill on her shelf.



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