Conversations with my Buddha…

Mortal  you are special ….

Buddha:  I am nobody.   I am not even my mind.

Mortal: that is how I am feeling today….

Buddha: It is only natural!

Mortal: Is it? Why?

Buddha: ” the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake, who dares to say it isn’t there; who can say it is there?”   We are all influenced by one or more ways of life, or philosophers, but who can’t say it isn’t our mind; who can say it is thinking, without a thinker?

Mortal: And is the mind ever completely clear of interpretation?

Buddha: that is when one enjoys the fullest state of bliss.

Mortal: And, if that is not enough?

Buddha: Unsatisfactoriness is one of the truths of our lives.  However you spend it, is up to you.

Mortal: Spend life, moments of bliss or the truth of being unsatisfied?

Buddha: The middle path, Mortal, the middle path!

Mortal: And what if the middle path is not fulfilling enough?

Buddha: Extreme suffering arises.

Mortal: With no alleviation?

Buddha: If you tighten the 6 strings of a guitar just right, the guitar shall produce sweet sound; if too tight all strings get broken; too loose, no sound produced.

Mortal: Yes, but that equates human feeling with mechanistic adjustment, not allowing for emotional variation….

Buddha: There are two ways of looking at one’s emotion: objectively and subjectively.  The object does not know the subject who has emotion for the object.  The subject only sees the thing based on his own experiences and the object’s.  The variation of feelings is delusion of the mind.

Mortal: That is, If you accept the premise that all feeling is controlled by the mind…

Buddha: Except the 5 senses of the body

Mortal: Taste, touch, sound, smell, sight–all elements of sensual arousal…Independent of mind?

Buddha: Thought. Thoughts come from the mind; if I am not my mind, then I am nobody.  When I am nobody, I am not the self, then I am non-self, then I am just a part of nature.  Like the tree selflessly producing oxygen and fruit to nurture all beings. Then it dies.

Mortal: And aren’t your physical traits all part of nature? Isn’t sensuality part of nature?

Buddha:   Everything completes the universe, and that is all.  To think that Humans are more important or intelligent than other animals is just a delusion of the Human mind. Are we the best protector of the earth, because we have better ‘feelings’ or sense of our surroundings? Obviously not.

Mortal: That assumes animals don’t feel love or loyalty, which is counter to recent research in dogs, cats, even whales…

Buddha: Everything completes the universe, and that is all.

Mortal: I agree that all complete the universe, but I’m not sure that ends the discussion…

Buddha: Only  selflessness can produce pure love, kindness, and compassion.

Mortal: And what is pure?

Buddha: When a ‘gift’ is a gift not a suggestion of a better gift in exchange.

Mortal: Yes, that I know clearly & intuitively.

Buddha: How many people can do that? Very few, among numberless beings.

Mortal: I agree. I want to go to a peaceful place of completeness. Yet, we each define that place differently. For me, it includes all those gifts you mentioned, plus creative, intellectual, soulful & sensual fulfillment. Perhaps, my standards for happiness are too high….

Buddha: Why?

Mortal:   Because it is achieved so fleetingly….

Buddha: All that is part of nature. We are it. We are creating it.  We are programmed to produce intellectual thought.

Mortal: Do we create nature? Does nature create us?   Is nature responsible for what we do or do not do? Or, are we?

Buddha: Look at a flower. Isn’t it brilliant?

Mortal:   Yes. Flowers are evidence of nature’s perfection…But, how much of what we do is ego driven? Selfish?

Buddha: Neither

Mortal: The ego & the self play no part?

Buddha: They play the part of increased suffering. Unnatural; it is worse than death, which is natural.

Mortal: So no creation by man is natural? Unless it includes suffering?  Can humans create anything without ego?

Buddha: Selfishly eating too much of anything intensifies the affects of drought.

Mortal: I’m talking about creating, not destroying. Isn’t childbirth BOTH a natural & an egoistic act?

Buddha: To complete the universe. The desire to sex is natural.

Mortal: Yes. And to breed is natural.

Buddha: Baby is the result

Mortal: Baby is not always the result of human sex

Buddha: Yes.   The desire to have baby is natural.

Mortal: So sex & procreation can BOTH be natural AND separate…Can someone choose to be childless? Is that “unnatural?”

Buddha:  Childless is natural too. One can’t have baby in many ways.

Mortal: How can both be natural, if one completes the universe?

Buddha: Ah, you agree that rocks complete the universe?

Mortal: Yes.

Buddha: Exactly. All has a mission

Mortal: You are enlightening.    A true joy to chat with.  You have helped to lift me today. I am grateful for your wonderful ability to not feel threatened by questions…

Buddha: You are only tending to nature.

Mortal: Well, you are quite remarkable…

Buddha: It is nature that is remarkable. I am nothing.

Mortal: Yes, she is too; but you are much more than nothing to me… you live your practice…

Buddha: Practice is the only way of living. Enjoy your day one breath at a time. That is all we have. And every breath of air you take is brand new.




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